The Melbourne Postgraduate International Relations Organisation (or MPIRO for short) is a student-led society at the University of Melbourne.

Established in 2017, MPIRO’s purpose is to promote international relations among graduate and postgraduate students. We do this by providing useful networking opportunities, academic assistance, career resources, and social events to students and faculty. 

If you’re at the University of Melbourne, either studying or teaching at the graduate/postgraduate level, and have a passion for international relations, don’t be afraid to reach out to us.

Our values and vision

Peer-related resources and support

We’re all in this together – studying these Masters degrees and researching our brains out. It can be tough, stressful, or even downright confusing. We don’t have to do it all alone! We want to build MPIRO as a source of support throughout academic life. Whether it’s navigating the campus or forming study groups, we are here for you!

A place to geek out on international politics

International relations is a pretty special area of study, bringing a diverse range of people together from across the globe. Whether you’re hungry to learn or eager to debate, we want to be the place to geek out on all things international. 

a place to relax and meet friends

Half the University experience is made up of the connections you make. MPIRO is the perfect place to meet people and make friends in a relaxed and casual environment. 

a career-related resource

A space to hear from alumni or professionals in the field. To learn from people working in areas you are passionate about, discover new opportunities, and explore complex ideas.

Meet The Team

Get to know our Executive and General Committee Members for 2021-2022

MPIRO President

Anna Laursen

MPIRO Treasurer

Marina Daley

MPIRO Secretary

Lachlan Phipps

MPIRO Podcast Officer

Craig Land

MPIRO Communications Officer

Samantha Beniac-Brooks

MPIRO Social Events Officer

Nastasija Siljanova

MPIRO Social Events Officer

Joe Fulwood

MPIRO Academic Events Officer

Shibo Sha

Questions? Get in touch!

Whether you are a student, professor, professional or recruiter who thinks we can help, feel free to send us a message or shoot us an email. 


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