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We consider it our duty to keep our MPIRO community up to speed with what’s going on around us, and this includes keeping up with external events and partners. Here you will find our own feed filled with new opportunities, job listings, events, summits, workshops and programs that we believe will benefit our members. 

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Opportunities Feed

We love a one-stop-shop for all things job listings, internships, volunteer roles, programs and more, so we thought we’d aim to put together a new noticeboard as we go back to university in 2022. Stay tuned for what we share, but also feel free to distribute the good word as you hear it. 

Exclusive Intel

As a member, you can expect a fountain of information and guidance from within our community, of which we hope you can make the most of throughout your studies. We endeavour to post regular updates on new listings that we believe fit the bill for our members, which you can see on our members’ Notice Board. Additionally, we often get invitations to attend events as a group, so if you’d prefer not to go alone you can join one of our MPIRO Delegations. 


Knowing what your colleagues are up to or where your course alumni are now can be instrumentally helpful for figuring out where your studies can take you, whether you are just curious or are looking for advice from someone who has ‘walked the walk’.​

Unimelb Networks

MPIRO Students is a great place to start once you have set up your Full Membership. It's our informal forum for graduate students studying the Masters of International Relations or completing units within its program. 

Additionally, we suggest setting up your LinkedIn to show you are either an MPIRO Member or are studying the MIR. That way you can be recognised and invited to join faculty-based groups on LinkedIn.


Every year it feels like we all go through the motions of applying for every grad program under the sun hoping one sticks. There isn’t a single solution to acing them all, but perhaps there are a few things to help you keep on top of them all.

GSA Achieve

The Graduate Student Association runs Employment Workshops at the University of Melbourne that prioritise the needs of graduates in the international and mature aged cohorts. 

If you think you're in need of some CV writing feedback, understanding how to use online tools for job searching, or practicing your interview skills in English, this could be for you! 


We write and write while at university, but sometimes we just want to write for us. If you have some insights or suggestions that you feel could contribute to the wide world of international relations, we can recommend a few platforms. So get cracking and get writing! 

Young Australians in International Affairs

Young Australians in International Affairs accepts running submissions to its Insights platform. Great for shorter article styles on a blog-like platform. 

Young Diplomats Society

The Young Diplomats Society is an Australian-based group which offer a Publications platform of their own for publishing short-to-medium sized articles. They provide a very clear submission guideline, which is great for those who have fantastic ideas but need to practice their presentation skills. 

Melbourne International Relations Society

The Melbourne International Relations Society, who we fondly call our 'sister-society', publishes their own Melbourne International Relations Review which takes works from Unimelb students from any degree. 

There is an annual intake in the middle of the year so be ready to submit. 

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Whether you are a student, professor, professional or recruiter who thinks we can help, feel free to send us a message or shoot us an email. 


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