Season Four: 'Undercover(ed)'

2021-2022 Committee

Underrated & Under-Researched

The objective of this series is to answer the following:

What are we not discussing in international relations? What are we not discussing well?

Are there any aspects of an issue that are regularly overlooked, but deserve more focus? Who should be looking at them? 

Is there a matter in international relations that is dominated by one voice or a mainstream opinion? Can you offer an alternative? 

We are currently sitting down to prepare the schedule for this season, but we are also looking to build up our Podcast Team. If you think this is an area you would like to volunteer your time, get in touch with us or apply directly on our website. 

Season Three: 'The Voice of MPIRO'

2020-2021 Committee

Candid & Candescent

Allow us to introduce our Podcast Team for 2021: Tom Davidson, Marco Biamonti, and Wendy Cheong. These guys have been the happy little voices in your headphones, tickling your international relations funny-bones, and whispering sweet academic nothings in your ears.

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Got any fun ideas or suggestions? We'd love to hear them out!

The MPIRO Podcast is a student-led project that is aims to discuss topics its members want to hear about, ranging from current international affairs to the latest political theory meme on the internet. 

MPIRO can invite certain participants to come on board or even take auditions for input on a particular topic. We’ll be making those posts in the coming weeks. 

If there is something you’d like our crew to investigate or even reach out for input, why not shoot us a message? If you’re interested in joining in the fun or would like to share your stories and experiences according to the critical topics chosen for each episode, we’d love to hear from you.