In order to grow our diversity of voices and improve on what we deliver, we will be launching our official Volunteer Program in 2022. If you are a Full MPIRO Member and an International Student, you are uniquely positioned to volunteer as an International Student Representative.


Intl. Student Rep.

The role of Volunteer as an International Student Representative. You work closely alongside the other Committee Members, helping to advocate for international student interests at the University of Melbourne.

Applications are Open for the next two weeks until April 1 2022. 

We are looking for two representatives whose tenure will be until the next AGM in early October 2022. 


A currently registered Full MPIRO Member who is enrolled graduate course work at the University of Melbourne for AT LEAST Semester 1 2022.

You must be studying or researching in a field relevant to International Relations. 


The role of international student representative is very important to MPIRO; we strive to incorporate diverse voices and interests into the work we do as a student organisation. Without which, we would struggle to remain relevant in an increasingly interconnected and cosmopolitain world. 

As such, we offer positions to international students who are also Full MPIRO members studying graduate level international relations coursework or research at the University of Melbourne. This would include:

  • Attending our Open House Committee Meetings to submit motions, advise committee members on  developments in international student networks and key interests. 
  • Work alongside committee members to deliver events and projects that also cater to the needs and interests of international students. 
  • Help guide our executive team to ensure we are making the most of our opportunities and resources to engage and assist international post-graduate students studying international relations. 

This role is similar to our Volunteer Program in that it is a non-committee role. Your commitment is dependent on your interest, passion and drive for international student advocacy work and community-building. We appreciate, being postgraduate students ourselves, that we must be flexible with the time we have available to volunteer. Everything is negotiable. 

If you are interested in this role for 2022, please submit and application down below. 

Application Form

Keen on becoming an international student representative? Fill out the application form below to submit your interest in joining us. There's no need to send in a CV (unless you want to!), we'd prefer to just have a chat and get to know you.

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