Meet The Graduate Student Association

MPIRO is a student club affiliated with the Graduate Student Association (GSA). It is a one-stop-hub for independent assistance, academic support, community and representation for all students enrolled in graduate studies at the University of Melbourne. 

Whether you are on the look out for thesis-writing support, wanting to participate in particular advocacy campaigns, or looking to contribute to workshops for international students’ needs, this is where the action happens. 

We are very grateful to the GSA for guiding our committee each step of the way to becoming the community we are today. You can start following the GSA today on their social media. 

GSA Resources and Support

At MPIRO, we highly recommend that if you are new to the University of Melbourne or are in need of support during your graduate studies that you get in touch with the GSA or attend some of their events. You’ll often find your MPIRO compatriots studying in the 1888 Building after hours or some of our committee meetings taking place there. 

Questions? Get in touch!

Whether you are a student, professor, professional or recruiter who thinks we can help, feel free to send us a message or shoot us an email. 


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