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At the end of each Semester, MPIRO aims to host its biggest parties to celebrate the end of exams (EOX) and congratulate those that are graduating. These are perfect opportunities to let your hair down, get together and make those last-minute connections before newly-made alumni embark on their next journey. 

It's important that we are bringing forth relevant issue-areas and engaging our member-base with the most interesting topics currently on hand. Thus, inviting special guests and academics to talk about topical IR areas is one of our specialties. We aim to listen to our members' interests to ensure that we are bringing you the things you want (or sometimes need) to hear. 

These are special events we sometimes organise which involve taking the time outside of campus to visit people or places and learn more about IR in the 'real world'. Spots are often limited but are so worth getting tickets for. In light of the pandemic, these have been less frequent in recent years, but the investments made in hybrid and online venturing have opened a whole new world to us. 

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