Criteria for the Committee

  • Registered as a Full MPIRO Member.
  • Studying the M-IR or a relevant course at The University of Melbourne.
  • Returning in Semester 1 2023 and NOT graduating at the end of 2022.


  1. Fill out the form below and submit.
  2. Send through any campaign material you prefer – we recommend you send us a profile pic, if anything!
  3. Prepare your campaign speech! You have two options: (1) make a 4min video recording, or (2) give a 2min speech on the night of the AGM – you only need to do one!


Self-Nomination Form

Want to be a part of the committee? Fill in the application form below and follow the instructions on submitting either a short video recording or preparing a speech.

Got a question? contact us!

We promise we don’t bite: if you have a question you’d like to ask, head to our Contact Us page to submit your query. If you want to register your membership, head to our Membership page to fill in your details.

Details on the AGM event can be found here