YAIA National Conference + MPIRO Canberra Trip 2022

The Melbourne Postgraduate International Relations Organisation is very excited to be supporting and encouraging its own members to attend the YAIA Future 21 Conference in Canberra. Running between Thursday 8th September – Friday 9th September, the Future 21 Conference is a YAIA flagship event designed to bring the brightest and most capable young minds together to explore Australia’s foreign policy, relations and defence future.

WHAT: MPIRO Delegation to YAIA Future 21
YAIA DATES: Thursday 8th September – Friday 9th September  
EXTRA TRIP DATES: Saturday 10th September – Sunday 11th September

With a number of interest from our Full MPIRO Members, we figured we could make the choice to go a little more easy. We’re taking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Full MPIRO Members who have purchased tickets to Future 21 but would like to go together with friends and colleagues as an official MPIRO Delegation.

If you’ve already purchased your tickets, excellent! We’ll guess what: you won’t be going alone! MPIRO will be organising an informal delegation to band together at the conference and spend the weekend running amok in the nation’s capital city. 

Why join our delegation? 
Everyone likes to go with friends, but there are several pragmatic and logical reasons for attending as a group:

  • Help get people into a group chat to coordinate joint accommodation,
  • Work together to reduce the costs of Canberra travel (aka. shared Ubers, taxis and buss shuttles),
  • MPIRO Alumni drinks on the weekend (we’re coming for you old MC-IR folk!),
  • If it’s your first time in Canberra, join us for tours and visits to Canberra’s major sites. 

We are currently taking expressions of interest for the MPIRO Canberra trip, so see the Google Form down below for further details on our ideas. We would additionally love to hear suggestions from you!

Again, we’re looking to help make planning for the trip easier and ensure that you’ve got company to join you (especially if you are new to Canberra).

Should you have any questions or queries, shoot us a message on our socials or send us an email via admin@mpiro.org