We’ve reached that time of year, it’s voting time! We would like to invite our MPIRO Full Member cohort to attend our 2022 AGM, where shall be electing the incoming committee for 2022-2023.

WHEN: Friday 25 November 2022 (dates postponed for after exams!)
WHERE: Hybrid; in-person details sent via emails to Members!
TIME: 5.30pm – 6.30pm AEDT
ACTIVITY: Self-Nominations/Applications, On-The-Night Voting, Club Wrap-Up

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Down below, you will find our candidates who have nominated themselves for the MPIRO Committee 2022-2023. Click on their profiles to see their statements and videos so that you can learn a little more about them before heading to the polls. 

Nominations and application submissions are now open!

DEADLINE: Day of the AGM (25/NOV)
HOW: Nominate yourself for the committee via the link HERE
TIME: via website application (25/NOV 3.00pm) and live self-nominations mid-AGM

Yusuf Say


Secretary, Treasurer, Events Officer (Social Events), Communications Officer (General), Communications Officer (Website)

Hello! I would love to join the MPIRO Committee for various reasons. Studying a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne full time, joining MPIRO would allow me to develop and enhance my skills, knowledge, and experience in the field. 

I would also love to help support my fellow peers in the degree and voice their ideas and concerns. Currently, I am the Professional Affairs Director for the Graduate Organisation of Development Studies. Although it is different from my degree, the organisation has been dead due to Covid, and I have been a part of the committee to start it up again post-covid. 

I have helped organise events, recommend, and implement policy relevant to the organisation. I would love to transfer my skills for the benefit of MPIRO. I am interested in Middle East and European Security Studies, and foreign politics. Outside of academia, I am interested in sports, such as Soccer and AFL, and participate in bodybuilding and powerlifting. 

Some of my ideas for committee activity include an annual MPIRO Ball, movie night/s, professional speeches/activities by speakers, and so on. I hope I can become a part of the MPIRO committee, and I’m keen for what the future holds.

Sammy Beniac-Brooks


Events Officer (Academic Events), Communications Officer (General), Communications Officer (Website)

I’ve been on the committee previously and would love to be apart of it again. There will be some big changes on the committee given most current members are graduating but I’d like to keep MPIRO strong into 2023!

Inspiration from the 2021-2022 AGM

Down below, you will find videos issued by former candidates for the MPIRO Committee, in case you were looking for some inspiration.