SWOTVAC Shut Up & Write


SWOTVAC has fallen on us; it’s time to get our heads down and start working on our end of semester exams and essays. We know it can be hard to get started so we’re kicking it off by holding a whole-day Shut Up and Write session.

WHEN: Friday, 4th June
WHERE: Room 102 – Graduate Student Association Building
TIME: 9.00am – 4.30pm AEST
Silence will be enforced… but we’ll squeeze in two dedicated breaks for a breather and a chat:
9-9.30AM – coffee anyone?
12-12.30pm – enough time to run down to Subway?
To get us through the day – lollies, chips, tea and (instant) coffee will be provided in our room.
Two rooms are booked for MPIRO only, and an MPIRO committee member will always be present. So feel free to leave your things behind when you’re heading out for food, snacks or the bathroom (just one less thing to worry about!)

Directions to room: 1st Level of the GSA – make your way up two flights of stairs and Room 102 should be on your right. Ask the GSA reception on the ground floor if you have issues finding us!


Please note our rooms have max capacity limits that we must abide to. We currently have space for 24 people across the two rooms. So please register so we can manage our room bookings appropriately.

Given the change of covid restrictions from 25.05.2021 – masks are essential indoors. Please bring your masks.

If you feel unwell, have flu-like symptoms and have not been tested for COVID we sadly and kindly ask that you stay at home.

When you enter the GSA please check in your location with the QR code for COVID contact tracing.

We’ve studied alone enough this semester… so let’s at least get through these exams and essays together!!